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Alaska Bear Viewing - Bear Watching
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A Visit to Kodiak Island is not Complete Without a Kodiak Brown Bear Viewing Experience

Say the word "Kodiak" and your imagination likely conjures up images of rawness, wildness, adventure and stunning natural beauty.  In addition, you undoubtedly visualize the majestic Kodiak Brown Bear.  

Bear viewing is the most popular wildlife viewing experience on the island. There are approximately 3,000 bears on Kodiak Island (roughly one bear per square mile) making it one of the densest grizzly populations in the world.

Anyone wishing to see these impressive animals in their natural surrounding will most certainly have the opportunity. In fact, we frequently see bears stroll along the beach in front of the lodge or fishing a small creek right in town in Larsen Bay. 

Our bear viewing program visits Frazer Lake, a short 25 minutes from the lodge in our DeHavilland Beaver float plane.  Guests are guided on an easy 10-minute hike down to Frazer River, where there is a bear watching platform a safe distance from the bears.  Here you can observe massive Kodiak Brown Bears fishing for salmon and interacting with one another in their natural habitat. 

Being amidst the world’s largest bear and largest carnivore, giants that can weigh up to 1,500 lbs and reach 11 feet in height, is a truly awesome experience and a “must” for anyone visiting Kodiak. 

“The mountains have always been here, and in them, the bears.”
- Rick Bass


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