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Catch Snow Crab like the Crew on The Deadliest Catch...then Enjoy a Tasty Crab Boil on the Beach

What would an Alaskan vacation be without fresh crab straight from the icy waters of Larsen Bay?

Kodiak Legends Lodge has a number of crab pots in Larsen Bay that are teeming with tanner (snow) crab almost year round.  You can experience “The Deadliest Catch” (without the risk) by picking your own crab pots and enjoying the same fresh crab for dinner within minutes.


About the Alaskan Commercial Crab Fishing Industry

 At the peak of the king crab fishing industry, more than 200 million pounds of king crab was harvested from Alaskan waters.  Just three years later numbers were down more than 60-fold due to overfishing, warmer waters and increasing predation by fish.  

Fishermen use 700 pound steel crab pots baited with squid, cod, herring or sardines.  The crab pots are dropped to 400 feet  down and left for up to 24 hours before being raised to the surface.  

More than $1.6 billion worth of Alaskan red king crab has been harvested from Alaskan waters since Alaska became a U.S. state in 1959 making it second to sockeye salmon as the most valuable species to fishermen.  



“Well folks, I just polished off some of the most delicious crab I have ever put to my mouth. Tanner crab, caught in the trap we set last night. It was the most amazing crab I have ever tasted. And I ate about three pounds of it myself.”
- KLL Guest 2008


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