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Kodiak Island has a Limitless Array of Outdoor Activities in the Wilderness

Life is a painting and each new experience adds a brush stroke to your masterpiece.   That is what we believe. 

We think that each new experience or activity or adventure creates a new, unique and lasting memory and story.  Life is ultimately about experiences and the richness and variety of those experiences are what we cherish.  

For this reason, we have attempted to assemble a variety of activities, adventures and experiences so that boredom is an impossibility.   

From pulling up a crab pot chock full of tasty tanner crab to viewing Kodiak’s picturesque scenery from a float plane to kayaking alongside whales, puffins and sea otters, there is no way anyone will be bored!  

Our goal at Kodiak Legends Lodge is to provide the most extensive menu of available activities and experiences of any resort in Alaska.  We are much more than just a fishing lodge! 

Add some brush strokes to your painting today! 

“This week I have been hiking, hunting, whale watching, went deep-sea fishing, crabbing, bonfires on the snow covered beach, hung out with grizzly bears, saw the sky filled with bald eagles, saw otters swimming and playing in the bay, watched seals frolic in the sea, flew on the smallest planes I have ever seen (a 4-passenger plane yesterday), met the coolest people, ate the freshest seafood in the world, learned of the great history of Alaska, and relaxed in a way I never have before.”
- Deana Poston, Ohio


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Spring & Summer: +1 (907) 847-2200 / Fall & Winter: +1 (760) 702-1667   |   INFO@KODIAKLEGENDSLODGE.COM