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Bruce Kososki's Family always dreamed of having a Luxury Wilderness Lodge on Kodiak Island

“Our family is obsessed with Kodiak Island,” Bruce Kososki says. “We’ve traveled far and wide and haven’t found a location as adventurous, sporting or wild.  It is raw, untouched and undiscovered.”

Kodiak Legends Lodge is owned and operated by the Kososki family, whose members have each enjoyed a lifetime of outdoor adventures across the globe.

Our family connection with Alaska began more than thirty years ago when Bruce Sr. spent his days in the Alaskan wilderness, working for the U.S. Geological Survey.  Bruce resolved that he would one day own a first-class lodge so he could continue to enjoy Alaska’s wilderness and share the wonderful place with others. The Kososki Family has fulfilled a life-long dream by creating the Finest Luxury Wilderness Lodge on Kodiak Island.

We invite you to visit Kodiak Legends Lodge for the ultimate life experience – a pristine area full of giant bears and soaring eagles, streams filled with monster runs of salmon and steelhead, saltwater fishing for every species imaginable, all surrounded by the spectacular scenery unique to Kodiak.

-The Kososki Family

“Kodiak Legends Lodge offers a truly exceptional experience -- world-class freshwater and saltwater fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. The lodge operates on a no-compromises premise and delivers the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to come back.”
- Mattias Derynck, NYC


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Spring & Summer: +1 (907) 847-2200 / Fall & Winter: +1 (760) 702-1667   |   INFO@KODIAKLEGENDSLODGE.COM