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The Best Luxury Fishing Lodge in Alaska Providing Exceptional and Unforgettable Memories

"This was a trip of a lifetime. This fishing trip was the best. Lots of fish, lots of laughs and great food. Thanks again. We felt more like good friends than clients and that was the best part."
     – Eric Monroe, Traverse City, MI

"Way beyond my expectations.  The fishing, the views and the staff at Kodiak Legends made this an awesome experience.  Can’t wait to come back."
     – Tom Zoet, Lake Ann, MI

"I lived here for 4 days.  This is the best 4 days in my life.  This is real life – nice place, fresh air, best food in the world!  Comfortable lodge, best people.  I will introduce this nice place to whole Chinese peoples and tell all Chinese people visit and look at the best American place!"
     – Zhang Zian Norm, Beijing, China

"Dear Kodiak Legends Lodge, thank you so much for such an adventurous and amazing experience! It really is the best place on earth! The fishing, flying and food were unbelievable! And the staff amazing. I can’t wait to come back again!"
     – Brooke Epley, Chicago, IL

"The best trip I have ever been on! I have probably experienced more amazing things in one week than I would even get anywhere else in one year. I don’t want to leave and can’t wait to come back. Thank to everyone who made this such an AWESOME trip."
     – Annee Lauridsen, Scottsdale, AZ

"We came with four people in our group last year and had a blast. We doubled the size of our group this year and I can sincerely say that the fun increased exponentially. Truly a priceless experience! Great job to everyone – this place is ready to take off and it’s going to be a great adventure for everyone involved!"
     – Christine Lauridsen, Bob Chain and Nix Lauridsen, Des Moines, IA

"Thank you so much for a great fishing trip. The food was fantastic and the lodge as 5-star rating. The staff worked very hard to make us feel great. Best place to stay in Alaska."
     – Mike and Robert Rakow, Mequon, WI

"What an adventure. We’ve fished Alaska numerous times, but never have experienced such a complete and exquisite setting. The food, the fishing, the lodge, the chef’s creativity. Thank you again and again."
     – The Olsons

"What a wonderful four days – great food, great fishing, fabulous weather – all enhanced by wonderful guiding and a real sense of Aloha and hospitality. So grateful for all of your efforts to make this an unforgettable experience."
     – Laurie Carlson, Honolulu, HI

"Thank you for sharing your lodge, your islands, and hospitality. As soon as I arrived I felt I was with friends. I promise I will be back each year. This has been a life changing experience."
     – Roger Gussiaas, Carrington, ND

"Thank you so much for fulfilling ALL my dreams, expectations and those of my taxidermist! Every member of the staff was tremendous at supplying every need, answering every question and providing great companionship. 1st class operation."
     – John Huffman Lambertville, MI

"Kodiak Legends Lodge offers a truly exceptional experience. They offer world-class freshwater and saltwater fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. The lodge operates on a no-compromises premise and delivers the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to come back. The staff is among the friendliest and most knowledgeable in Alaska. There's no better way to discover the true American frontier."
     – Mattias Derynck, NYC



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Spring & Summer: +1 (907) 847-2200 / Fall & Winter: +1 (760) 702-1667   |   INFO@KODIAKLEGENDSLODGE.COM